Infinite Interview with Junior Magazine

Kim Sunggyu:

Q1. Infinite is?
A bright, energetic 7-member boy group with infinite possibility.
Q2. Why I’m leader
I’m the oldest, and because I have a comforting, forgiving personality?
Q3. What do you do with members who don’t listen to you?
There aren’t really any members like that. They treat people older than them well.
Q4. Have you gotten mad at the members before?
Since I’m the hyung and the leader, I have a couple times during practice….sorry, guys~
Q5. How you act when you’re mad and people’s reactions
I have a weak heart so I can’t stay mad at long. I laugh a lot normally so it’s strange to be mad. Reaction? Hmm…if I really do yell at them they are surprised. Or is that just my opinion?
Q6. Rival group
All groups’ music styles are different. No one’s our rival but rather sunbaes that we can learn a lot from.
Q7. Member you get along with the most
All of them. As we all live together and spend all day together, we don’t even have to look into each other’s eyes to know each other’s thinking.
Q8. If you became the #1 searched term on the internet?
That would be so fascinating. What would I do? I’d be laughing with the members because I was so happy. Ah! I would have to screencap it for proof!
Q9. Your good qualities
Bright personality. I laugh a lot usually.
Q10. Item with lots of memories associated with it
My MP3 that I bought with my hard-earned money
Q11. Rank these in terms of importance: money, fame, friendship, love
Love, friendship, fame, money.
Q12. What do you think of your nickname ‘sad eyebrows’?
What can I do, it’s what I look like. Consider it a charm.
Q13. If you had a supernatural power what would you want?
Last words?
I don’t know if I did well since it was my first interview! Please forgive me. We’ll do the rest of the recording for our show well, and prepare our album well to show you Junior readers!

Jang Dongwoo:

Q14. How were the members’ first impressions?
I first saw them while eating so they all felt comfortable except ‘L.’ He had a strong first impression.
Q15. The most improved member?
Leader Gyu hyung~ His dance is getting even better. He’ll soon be my rival!
Q16. Express yourself in 3 words.
Kenya. Dancer. Singer.
Q17. If you were born in Kenya in your next life what would that be like? What would you be doing?
I’d reflect on myself a lot and be a more serious person. And I’ll be the Kenyan prince of the animals!! Wow~ I’ll probably be a person again in my next life though.
Q18. Express your feelings now in a rap.
Coolly hidden sunlight, warm coffee, yeah ya~
Q19. Your favorite food, and something you want to eat most right now
Anything my parents make me! Right now I want kebabs.
Q20. Food you know how to make
Kimchi stew
Q21. A netizen comment about you that you remember
Strong charismatic impression! It doesn’t fit my real personality, but I like that I have a strong impression.
Q22. Sexiest part of my body?
Thick lips~ and stylist noona says my chest is kind of sexy.
Q23. Do you have the confidence to beat the ‘beast idols’?
Competition isn’t our goal, because we’re infinite idols.
Q24. Have you ever cried really hard? When were you most depressed?
Surprisingly, there have been a lot. I’ve been really sad when there are days when nothing seems to go my way.
Q25. What do you do then?
I listen to music alone or watch a movie, so I don’t think about anything else. Driving would be nice too but if there’s no gas…I’d help work at our family’s restaurant.
Q26. To me Kenya is?
An alter ego I hadn’t even thought about. We’re very close.
Q27. If I met someone exactly like me?
Oh! That person would be able to accept me.
Last words
Yeah! I’m the rapper D-Flow from new group Infinite! Just like our name we have no limits and have infinite talents so from now on we’ll only be moving forward.

Nam Woohyun:

Q28. Member furthest from me?
Sungyeol. When we sleep Sungyeol snores and I’m sensitive to that, so I sleep far away from him.
Q29. Closest member to you?
Sunggyu because he doesn’t snore or have bad sleeping habits, so we sleep very close together.
Q30. What are you jealous of from other members?
Honestly, nothing.
Q31. Something I have that other members don’t
I have the broadest shoulders.
Q32. What thoughts did you have a lot predebut?
A desire to showcase our music and stage presence quickly to an audience.
Q33. Recommend three songs off your MP3 now.
Epik High’s “Run”, 4Men’s “못해”, Musiq Soulchild’s “If U Leave”
Q34. A song you’d want to sing to someone you liked
Musiq Soulchild’s “If U Leave.” There’s a female part in the second verse and it’d be cool to do a duet.
Q35. When was your first love?
11th grade
Q36. Your ideal type?
A steady person, someone who doesn’t change. Someone with a pretty smile. Someone who looks good in glasses. Someone who eats what I cook for them well.
Q37. An idol you want to get closer to
I’m selfish so I want to be close to all of them.
Q38. If you could escape and do anything what would you do?
I want to eat at Dongwoo’s family octopus restaurant, and help Dongwoo’s parents work.
Q39. You’re in a project to be the country’s ‘oppa’ in your show. How does it feel to be ‘oppa’?
In one day we suddenly got a girl dongsaeng, and we became oppas so I feel like I became a lot more responsible. She has to go to school early so we have to wake up earlier than her and make her food and wake her up. I like that we have to be diligent. But living with guys I was used to just wearing whatever, but now that we have a girl dongsaeng I can’t exactly do that.
Q40. Something you wanted to do most if you were an oppa
Cook something good for my dongsaeng!
Q41. In reverse, if you could be any celebrity’s dongsaeng whose would you be?
Our country’s MC Yoo Jaesuk sunbae’s dongsaeng. I would get a lot of help from him when I have to go out on variety shows, right? And I want to model myself after his personality.
Q42. Something you want to do right now
Call my parents.
Last words
We’re going to debut soon! We’ll come to you with good music and honest personalities so please stay interested. And thanks to all our Aria fans!

Q43. Why did you choose Hoya as your stage name?
Since I was young my parents and friends used to call me “Hoya~.” It’s a pretty intimate nickname.
Q44. The strangest member?
Sungyeol. I’ve lived with him for a while but when I talk to him he’s so absurd and I always get surprised. Sometimes even scared.
Q45. Something you’re curious about the other members?
There’s absolutely nothing. We’re together all day and we know each other really well. It’s not that I don’t care about them!
Q46. You went to the sauna together. Member with the best body?
You might know from seeing the show but I think it’s me >_<
Q47. What’d you do yesterday?
As usual we practiced in the practice room. It was a very fruitful day.
Q48. Character resembling you
Jjanggu. Many people say I resemble him. It might be because of my dark eyebrows. And Sunggyu hyung is just like Jjanggu’s dad!
Q49. A TV program you like?
KBS’s “Six Hour.” You can see the scenic beauty of the country and it reminds me of my grandparents so I like it.
Q50. A must-have item in your bag.
iPod, digital camera, and a notebook to write lyrics.
Q51. A dance you’re most confident in
Crumping. If you’re a guy you have to do crumping well. *_*
Q52. What among the popular dances is your favorite?
There’s something called the C-walk and it originated from American gang members.
Q53. What’s the dance concept to Infinite’s title song?
A dance with a strong impression. If you just see the choreography the rhythm comes to you.
Q54. The worst dancer?
Everyone dances well now, but before it was Woohyun hyung. Through huge efforts, now he gets called a good dancer wherever he goes.
Q55. If your girl dongsaeng is sad how would you comfort her?
I would throw gags at her until she laughs.
Q56. You accidentally made important plans with both your girl dongsaeng and girlfriend at the same time. Who would you choose to meet?
My girlfriend of course. Love is more important to me.
Q57. The hardest part of recording the album
My voice didn’t come out because of voice nodular problems but I still had to record all night, which was hard.
Q58. Someone who listens to your troubles
Sunggyu hyung. Like a leader he listens to our troubles and always leads us down the right path.
Last words
Please keep interested in Infinite, especially Hoya! Please love us “ㅅ”

Lee Sungyeol

Q59. What do the members do when they play?
We chat.
Q60. Who’s the member who plays well, and the member who brings the mood down?
Hoya plays the most and is the funniest. The one who ruins the mood is Woohyun. Hmm.
Q61. Someone whose TV personality and real personality are different
Dongwoo hyung! In real life his complexion is brighter and his personality is more absurd.
Q62. If you had to rank my popularity, looks, and talent all in one, what rank would you be in the group?
Everyone thinks they are at least average. I think I would be near the top as well.
Q63. Any rivals in your group?
Dongwoo hyung!!! I thought I was absurd and weird, but Dongwoo hyung has a 9999-dimensional personality.
Q64. Things you want to learn from sunbaes Epik High
Epik High hyungs are sunbae artists as well as sunbaes in life so I want to learn everything from them. I want their passion and production abilities for music.
Q65. What’s not so great about them?
Hehe. Nothing. We love and respect them ♥ Oh. They change 180 degrees when they’re in the recording studio or working on music. If you don’t want to be yelled at you have to study music a lot.
Q66. Something you regret?
I should’ve been better to my parents when I went to school. I think I matured a little too late, when I was living away from them. I regret not being a better son.
Q67. A moment when you were proud of yourself
When I passed the audition.
Q68. A charm of yours
My cheeks! It’s as if I had stuffed two candies in my mouth.
Q69. The first thing you do when you wake up
Run to the bathroom to shower.
Q70. What you do right before bed
I close my eyes and dream of when I’ll be successful.
Q71. Something you want to receive from your fans
A heartfelt letter! I want to gather all my letters and hang them up in my room.
Q72. Something most precious to you
A letter from my first fan. I keep it in my desk and when I have the time I’m going to laminate it~
Q73. Your ringtone
Epik High’s “Run”
Last words
Infinite idol! Forever idol! We’ll improve infinitely and be the best Infinite as possible We love our ‘Aria’ fans! That’s all! -written by cho ding Sungyeol-


Q74. Meaning of ‘L’?
‘L’ doesn’t mean just one thing! L has a lot of meanings so think about it. ^^ (it’s not the [Korean] letter ㄴ!!)
Q75. Best looking member of the group?
All the members have their own style and charms….but if you had to choose one wouldn’t it be me.
Q76. Confidence? Pride? Who’s the most self-confident?
Woohyun hyung!!! He’s a bit conceited sometimes.
Q77. If you were a girl what Infinite member would you date?
Dongwoo hyung? If I were a girl I might fall for his 9999-dimensional personality unbeknownst to me.
Q78. What can you not stand?
Playing with food. You should think of the person who made the food!
Q79. What do people think of you?
My first impression might seem cold, but I can be your closest friend!
Q80. Something you’re asked a lot by people
‘Are you usually untalkative and curt?’ No! If you keep talking to me you will discover a different me.
Q81. Body part you’re most confident in
Eyes. I can stare deep into someone else’s and they’re charming!
Q82. Something you can do really confidently
Exercise. I like playing ball usually so if you throw me a ball I can play all day.
Q83. What’s your display message on your cell?
Enjoy this moment right now!
Q84. The 39th text message in your cell?
Fighting! We’re all rooting for you! -from a high school friend-
Q85. Most embarrassing moment?
When the entire school was gathered for a morning assembly and I accidentally yelled.
Q86. Where would you go in the future or past with a time machine?
Rather than the past, I’d go to the future and see what’s been improved.
Q87. A moment out of my life that was like a movie
My whole life is like L’s movie. Even this interview will be one scene in my movie.
Q88. A secret dream of yours
A photographer. Photographs let you recall past memories. I want to remember ourselves like this through a photograph.
Last words
We’re Infinite, a group soon to debut! We’ll prepare well, please keep interest in us!

Lee Sungjong

Q89. Hardest part of being a magnae
There’s nothing hard particularly~!!
Q90. The hyung who makes life hard for you and the most angelic hyung you wish were your real brother?
They’re all very sweet and no one makes life hard for me; they all take care of me well >_< ♥ They’re all like my real brothers.
Q91. Something the hyungs do that makes me seem older
When they keep insisting they’re right.
Q92. Something the members would blurt out that would be surprising?
All the members love me!!!
Q93. Something that makes you realize you’re still young?
When the hyungs think of something in depth but I think of it really simply.
Q94. Have you had your first love yet?
Not yet.
Q95. A date location you’d like to go to if you had a girflriend?
I’d want to eat a lunch that my girlfriend made me and have an intimate chat with her.
Q96. If aliens really existed?
I’d want to be their friends and go play in space, dance with them, and get closer to them while eating.
Q97. What do you want to do first when you become an adult?
Get my driver’s license.
Q98. If someone tried to recruit you with a really good proposition?
I’d have to think about it~~ just kidding. I’d dutifully stay with the company and my hyungs!!
Q99. Times when you yourself think you look good
Looking in the mirror after I shower in the morning.
Q100. What kind of person do you think you are?
Someone walking step by step towards my dream.
Last words
You might not be used to us now but we’ll become a better Infinite that everyone will know!! ^^ ♥

source: -fuckyeahinfinite tumblr + as tagged
translated by filmsession

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