Super Junior’s ex- GIRLFRIENDs

Here’s a pictures of Super Junior’s Ex-Girlfriends.

1. Choi Siwon

Her name is Stella Kim. She is one of the trainee in the SM Entertainment. This pictures was taken in 2007.

Once said that Stella became trainee was because Si Woon. The relationship was over after a month.

2. Yesung

The girl is Shin Soul Ki.

3. Leeteuk

4. Donghae

Impossible if you don’t know who is she..

She is SNSD’s Jessica.

5. Shindong

All these from 2007

6. Eunhyuk

SNSD’s Kim Hyeohyon.

7. Sungmin

c: superdiya + kbites + ELFes Favourite


15 responses to “Super Junior’s ex- GIRLFRIENDs

  1. are you sure hyeohyon was eunhyuk’s ex gf and jessica was donghae’s ex gf? you gotta be kidding me..

  2. Yessuuunggg
    : :

  3. ow my gosh!!!!
    why not me!!!

  4. yesung girlfriend aaa sorry sorry ex girlfriend is so cute

  5. ugh jessica and donghae? seriously..that girl is nasty man..shes very mean like all the other snsd..she is very disrespectful..3 BOOS for jessica!! good thing they broke up..bec. donghae does not deserve a girl like that..(P.S im not jealous .. i like kim heechul better)

  6. TT_TT … Yesung ?????????????? I CAN’T BELIEVE!
    ISN’T POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TT-TT

  7. you know that jessica and donghae never where a couple right?
    Donghae is in love with HyukJae x33333333333

  8. oh my god jessic`s pic id horrible donghae is pretty than her but siwon`s ex girl friend is beutiful

  9. omo!!! siwon’s ex girlfriend is pretty!!!..she’s lucky that she became one of the girlfriends of siwon…

  10. قهرررررررررررررر

  11. Erm , i guess that’s not Jessica .
    I’m a fan of snsd and i’m sure that’s not hyeohyon too .
    I’m just telling . ((: Peace 😀

  12. shin sol ki or shin soul ki?

  13. yesung ex-gf was so cute….n siwon ex-gf is beautiful……

  14. OMG donghae ex is jessica ??? i can’t believe it!!! and eunhyuk ex is hyeohyon hmmm……

    yesung ex is cute but i think she’s older than yesung oppa ..

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