Kang Hye Jung Loves SeungRi


It has been revealed that Big Bang SeungRi has received some love from actress Kang Hye Jung. And of course this is regarding the movie ‘Why Did You Come To Our House’ which the 2 are both starring in.

There has been much interest for SeungRi, where this is his first time acting on the big screen, and Kang Hye Jung to meet for the movie. And it has been known that Kang Hye Jung has sat in to see SeungRi’s audition for the movie.

In the movie, Kang Hye Jung plyays Soo Kang, who has moved from SokCho to Soon Cheon and to Seoul in the period of 10 years. And SeungRi plays her first love of one of her 3 love stories told in the movie.

credit: kbites


2 responses to “Kang Hye Jung Loves SeungRi

  1. ahhhh ❤ Seung-ri

  2. NO way!!!!! that girl doesn’t fit for seungri’s little favourite lady!!!!

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